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Who is a Nominee Director? What are the duties of the Nominee?

A Nominee is a director of a company in name only. His duties include,

1. He has no authority or the other responsibilities.

2. They are known to be entitled to enter into business contracts, moral and financial obligations.

3. They are given the power of attorney and are assigned the daily task of the Company, but

only the directors take the real decision of the Company, in the board meetings.

4. The duties of the Nominee do not correspond to the interests of the Company. 90% of Nominee Directors are either corporate heads or ex businessman or the retired personnel.

5. Though, they don’t often take the real decision, but they have a crucial part to play in taking the right decision for the Company.

Nominee Directors are often respected in the society. Hence, if you are running a well established Company or a small organization, you must think of appointing a Nominee Director who is upright, authentic and unbiased.

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